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NAME: Ascanio Ferara
FANDOM: Kate Daniels series, by Ilona Andrews.
AGE: 15 (+)
SPECIES: Werehyena
ALLIEGENCE: Pack, Clan Bouda
NATIONALITY: Italian American, mixed

Dark hair, green eyes, sinfully beautiful. Ascanio has an agile, expressive face, well honed in the use of many an alluring smile or seemingly innocent twinkle. He's on the short side, with a lean, muscular build that belies his supernatural strength.

TYPE: Brown Hyena
APPEARANCE: In bipedal Warrior form; 6’5″, brown fur, dark stripes on his arms. Long, thick mane. Red eyes. Teeth. Huge teeth.
SOUNDS: Snarling | Pack calling and 'Laughter'
Brown Hyena don't naturally make the eerie laughter that Spotted Hyena are known for, but Ascanio is described as being able to do so.

MOTHER: Martina Ferara, bouda, Pack therapist
FATHER: John, bouda, Cultist (deceased)

Arrogant, lascivious, smart-mouthed, and spoiled rotten, Ascanio is adored by the women of his clan and those looking for a good lay, but is the bane of everyone else's existence. He's only just starting to develop a respect for authority and the strict rules that govern the lives of shapeshifters, but it doesn't take much for that progress to go flying out the window. (That said, he is much more respectful of female authority than male.) While quite clever, he lacks common sense and tends to think with his penis first and his fists second.

He's very charming when he wants to be, which usually means "around women he likes/wants to bone". He beguiles the younger ones out of their panties and flatters the older ones into giggling delight. Boy, does he ever enjoy sex. He can get pushy at the slightest whiff of mutual interest, but if a lady is giving off clear "no" vibes, he doesn't bother.

Underneath his less endearing qualities, Ascanio has a good heart. He cares for the well-being and happiness of others, and is fiercely loyal. He's protective of the people he admires, standing up for them in the face of threat or insult, and will seek out ways to help them. He shows amazing bravery and will guard those in danger even when badly injured.